Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A2D Official Statement: Why There Is No Halloween Dev Diary

   Over the year or so that I have had this blog, I have taken immense pride in my ability to put out stories that are relevant and timely. When Harry Potter 7.2 came out, I was up until 4:30 in the morning with my review for you guys. When the final Dark Knight movie came out, I went again into the hours of the morning so you guys could have the review the next day. I went to football games across Arizona, and for the love of Jesus, I freaking watched Human Centipede when you guys asked for it. My point is, I work pretty hard to back up my brand with quality material.
   I joke a lot about the “staff” here at According to Dazz. In case you have not picked up on this, it is really just a staff of one—me. Everything is on me. This blog is cool because I can set my own parameters, but I still enforce a certain level of discipline on myself, especially when it comes to the readers. After all, you guys make this whole thing possible.
   If you have not seen the apology I threw up on the Facebook page earlier, the Halloween Dev Diary did not happen. Phi Delta had buses ready to ship a thousand people to the Phright Night barn in Indiana, and after waiting for three different vehicles with my (totally legitmate) wristband and (totally legitimate) identification ready to go, I was not let on a single one. It was awful. The crowd was so aggressive that at one point I was literally suspended off the ground between two people. I am honestly surprised no one was hurt.
   What I want you guys to know is this: I really wanted to do this dev diary for you. It was going to be insane. Partying, dancing, alcohol, a cage (!), and one sober Peter Parker-costumed guy in the middle of it all, giving you coverage of the chaos bound to ensue. I was excited, and I figure some of you guys were pretty excited too.
   I want to apologize to everyone for not closing the deal. I could not make it happen this time. I did the best I could, but the stars were not aligned for this night, I guess. Just know this: I am going to keep working to find that money story for all of you. I am going to make up for this. This has been the first time I have not been able to back something up, and you bet that I do not want it to happen again.
   So keep looking to According to Dazz for everything movies, sports, and Northwestern. I promise to keep working to put out the best brand possible for all of you. Thanks for sticking with it everyone. Happy Halloween.
   Oh, and Phi Delta can suck one.