Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Bus Stops Here: The Breanna Bogucki Story

   I usually do not bring into According to Dazz what I do for Medill at Northwestern, but this was different. For the past few weeks, I have been working on a multimedia package for a class concerning various outlets for adaptive sports in the area, particularly for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Through my talks with Special Olympics Illinois, I was introduced to Miss Breanna Bogucki, a young Special Olympics athlete about to complete her freshman year of high school.
   Breanna has high-functioning autism, but that is hardly the first thing you notice about her. She has a lot of athletic talent (over 50 Special Olympics medals in just over six years of competition—count ‘em!), a bright personality, and a terrific passion for singing to boot. In less than two weeks, one of her original songs will play to open the Summer Games—in front of over ten thousand people.

   Her story was a joy to tell, and honestly, two and a half minutes does not quite do her justice. A total inspiration. Thanks everyone, and enjoy the audio piece (the first link!)—and if you want to see one of Breanna’s performances, I threw the YouTube video in at the end.

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