Monday, January 20, 2014

God is like a Shitty Girlfriend: Introducing the Craziest Bible Study Ever

   Back in September, my brother Kit Fox and I were sitting across from each other and talking about how we were crappy leaders. We sure were right.
   Last spring, Kit and I had attempted to lead a bible study in our fraternity. Just scrape together a group of guys every week and discuss the best-selling book in the world. Casual. Loose. Maybe a little too loose. The prep meetings that Kit and I would schedule for the week would turn into ten-minute recaps right before the study was set to begin. Upon our input, the discussions we were leading would die like plants we had sprayed with pesticide. Every meeting felt like we had shot ourselves in the foot—again and again. It sucked.
   It was time to reevaluate. The truth was, Kit and I were not keeping each other accountable, and this distinct lack of commitment was killing our bible study. We had nothing to be excited about, so we knew that to make this better, we had to find something to be excited about. Facing each other last September, this thing arrived. We had it.
   Kit and I were going to write our own bible study, and we were going to base it around the comedy of Louis CK, the rudest, most cynical, most hilarious comic we could think of. We love Louis CK, our fraternity loves Louis CK—it is a crazy idea, but that could be what makes it so great.
   Now, it is important to note that Louis CK is not simply a ruse to make people show up—quite the opposite, in fact. Each week’s takeaway revolves around a certain bit or interview from the man’s comedic repertoire. We are actually using him as a discussion tool—a springboard into deep, meaningful conversation about the Bible. Believe it. We watch a clip, read the scripture passage, and then build the bridge between the two. Crazy.
   The ultimate goal, however, is the same as it was when Kit and I were stumbling our way through last spring: we want to show our brothers that Greek life has space for religion. After all, if the (brilliant) comedy of Louis CK has room for a religious discussion, Delta Chi must have room for it too. All are welcome, anyone can share whatever they feel, no matter their background or history or religious opinion. We just want to talk, and watch some great comedy while we are at it.
   So with that, let’s kick off the craziest bible study ever conceived. Introducing the Kit and Dazz original: God is like a Shitty Girlfriend: Talking about the Bible with Louis CK. An eight-part series about all the awesome things the Bible has to say, as told by a comedian who says in our very first clip, “If there was a God, that dude was an asshole.”

   It is going to be a really fun ride, friends. Just be sure to buckle up. With what is heading your way, it is best to be ready for anything.

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